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Who We Are

Joma Inc. was established in 1956 as a tool and die shop and has grown to a high volume metal stamped parts and assembly operation. Our ability to provide consistent quality and exceptional value has resulted in our being certified and chosen as a single source supplier of metal stamped parts to many of our customers. We have a complete modern facility. Fully staffed with highly skilled and dedicated people - our most important asset.

For over 60 years Joma has served the needs of customers in the automotive, plastic, and rubber insert molding consumer products, electronics, electrical, home appliance and other industries. Joma has a complete Quality System with full documentation to meet today's
increasingly stringent requirements.

Our Stamping

Our metal stamped parts capabilities include welding, tapping, tumbling and packaging. We offer a variety of finishes including plating, heat treating, anodizing and passivating through certified suppliers.

Materials we stamp include carbon and stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum alloys, beryllium copper, inconel and various bimetals. Joma is capable of running material thickness from .004 to .187 with speeds of 100 - 1000 SPM on high speed Minster presses.

A battery of fully automatic Minster high speed presses (up to 1000 SPM) manned by experienced operators and supported by a highly skilled tool maintenance group add up to an unbeatable value for your stamping dollar.

Secondary operations at Joma include automatic in-line contact welding and tapping for high productivity and low cost.